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Most companies struggle to communicate what differentiates themselves clearly.

You started your business to improve people’s lives. You are clear on who you serve and why your products and services are more unique than your competitors. 

When it comes to growing your business, it can be tough to be seen and heard in a crowded market. You know your company can shine out from the rest of the crowd, but you don’t know where to begin. Or, you have already invested thousands of dollars and time trying all different ways and channels to be heard and seen above the noise, but you do not see much or any traction.

I know how this feels.

As a formally trained performer and brand communications designer, I became passionately obsessed with figuring out how I could elevate storytelling for a brand creating authentic, long-lasting relationships with their ideal audiences and how that could be expressed through all their design, branding, messaging, and marketing.

Over the past 17 years, I have since applied this expertise of building brand systems for my clients – from Fortune 500 to small businesses to start-ups -harnessing the strategies the best brands use to engage customers and claim their place in their hearts and minds.

Besides, you didn’t start your amazing business also to have to become a brand, design, and marketing expert. I did. I’m Beth Carr. Helping companies thrive through marketing that fortifies connections is exactly why I started this business and also why I became a Certified StoryBrand Guide.

Focusing on clear messaging, brand development and strategy, design, and marketing execution, I can help your company shine across all of your marketing channels.

If you want to grow your company successfully, have clear messaging, and compelling design that makes your brand stand out, let’s talk! 

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Services to Help Your Business Thrive


Clarify, elevate, and differentiate your brand.

We clarify your brand narrative so your customers and audiences will easily connect with and understand how you improve their lives.


Reflect your message through visual storytelling.

Building off of your brand narrative, you will be armed with design elements to reflect your story.


Execute customized easy-to-apply marketing plans.

With a clear message, you will be able to focus on communicating through compelling lead generators and well-written email campaigns. 

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Fortified Branding is for...
  • Those who have started their company and want to invest in building their brand starting with a foundational messaging.
  • Those with a proven product or service who are looking to scale their business.
  • Those who want to fix the way their brand makes people feel.
  • Those that want to improve their messaging, design & marketing. 
  • Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, & Owners who know they have a powerful product or service, but don’t know how to create brand awareness & gain customers.
  • Owners & Leaders who want to focus on the quality of their products and services, not their marketing.
Fortified Branding isn't for...
  • Start-ups who don’t have enough of a proven product or service.
  • Those who don’t have clear goals to measure what success looks like.
  • Micromanagers who don’t know how to empower their strategic business partners.
  • Those who can’t make time to meet to collaborate, check-in during key milestones and status updates.
  • Those who are satisfied with the status quo and view more customers as a headache instead of a rush.
  • Those that don’t think clear messaging and design are important across all marketing channels & touchpoints.

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We apply the power of design and storytelling to help companies tell a clear brand story so they can deepen connections with their customers, claiming a place in their hearts & minds to attract more business.