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Fortified Branding is a brand messaging agency that provides design expertise and marketing execution strategies to help companies grow.




Your Current & Prospective Customers Underestimate Your Brand's Value

Your company was built to improve lives.
It deserves to clearly stand out as a difference-maker so your customers understand why they need you.

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design, messaging, and branding across all your marketing channels.

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Our brand messaging agency will help you develop authentic, long-lasting relationships with prospective audiences and current consumers.

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You will see attention increase by connecting better with customers when you solve their problems.

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Fortified Branding is a brand messaging agency for...
  • Those who have been in business for a minimum of 1.5 years and want to invest in scaling/refreshing their brand, starting with a foundational messaging.
  • Those with a proven product or service who are looking to grow their business.
  • Those who want to fix the way their brand makes people feel.
  • Those that want to improve their messaging, design & marketing.
  • Those that understand the power of copywriting and design and the effect it can have on their audience
  • Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, & CEOs who know they have a robust product or service but don’t know how to create brand awareness & gain customers.
  • Owners & Leaders who want to focus on the quality of their products and services, not their marketing.
Fortified Branding isn't for...
  • Start-ups who don’t have enough of a proven product or service.
  • Those who don’t have clear goals to measure what success looks like.
  • Micromanagers who don’t know how to empower their strategic business partners.
  • Those who can’t make time to meet to collaborate, check-in during key milestones and status updates.
  • Those who are satisfied with the status quo and view more customers as a headache instead of a rush.
  • Those that don’t think clear messaging and design are important across all marketing channels & touchpoints.

3 Steps to Getting Started


You’ll talk about your business needs and goals. As a brand messaging agency, we will show you where we can help strengthen your brand, saving you time and money.


Get customized recommendations for what to do next to reach your goals. Choose from a menu of services you want us to help you implement.


With a clear message and Fortified Branding, our brand messaging agency will help you connect better and grow within your customers’ hearts and minds.

Beth is an incredible relationship builder and quickly earned the trust of executive leaders across the organization. She came in and mobilized marketing designers behind a united creative vision and streamlined design process. Based on internal and external research, she built out a thorough brand book filled with vision, mission, creative elements, as well as new company values and led key stakeholders through multiple rounds of buy-in and ultimately alignment & launch.


CMO, Booksy

In my opinion, Beth combines the most important and hardest to balance qualities in an Executive Marketing role. She is driven, creative, opinionated, and consultative with the ability to focus teams and projects from blue sky to delivery. At Vendini she has executed an impressive Brand re-imagine and refresh with an eye to keeping core values while pivoting to a newer and more relevant voice and market presentation. She manages the challenge of a HIGHLY opinionated and diverse Executive team input well. Bottomline for me is that I strive to work with smart people who are good people applying themselves to do interesting things – and Beth is in that category for me and I sincerely hope to work with her again.


VP & GM, Vendini

Beth is Creative Director for the UX design on several key information technology projects. Particularly noteworthy are her creative design skills. She possesses outstanding technical credentials, but just as importantly, she is extremely well organized, communicates with clarity and precision, and works well with those around her, regardless of background. She can be counted on to get the job done right!


Director Business Intelligence, LA Fitness

Stop Being Underestimated & Empower Your Business to Thrive

Most companies struggle to clearly communicate what differentiates themselves from the competition.

You started your business to improve people’s lives.

At Fortified Branding, I know you want to stand out in the hearts and minds of your customers. In order to do that, you need to create authentic, long-lasting relationships with your ideal audiences.

The problem is today’s customers have lots of choices and are more cynical. They don’t immediately see the clear value you offer. You feel underestimated and know this is where messaging, design, and marketing strategies come in but with your limited time, you don’t know the best way to achieve this.

Besides, you didn’t start your amazing business to also have to become a messaging, design, and marketing expert. I did. I’m Beth Carr. Helping companies thrive through marketing that fortifies connections is exactly why I started this business and also why I became a Certified StoryBrand Guide.

My clients rely on us as a brand messaging agency to see the big picture with fresh eyes.

Over the past 17 years of building brand systems from Fortune 500 to small businesses to start-ups, I have helped companies elevate their difference-maker through brand, design, & marketing strategies that engage audiences by fortifying connections that claim a place in their hearts and minds.


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We apply the power of design and storytelling to help companies tell a clear brand story so they can deepen connections with their customers, claiming a place in their hearts & minds to attract more business.