Brand Messaging + Marketing Strategy

Kickstart your brand’s evolution with a full day of dedicated creative energy
— and your complete marketing strategy roadmap delivered in less than 8 hours.

Time to rock the boat.

Too many extraordinary brands settle for an ordinary marketing strategy — because we’re taught from day one not to make waves on the sea of sameness.

But you’re a majestic ship in an ocean of busted old dinghies, and it’s time to set a course beyond that endless horizon of “meh” marketing.

When the pressure’s on — to make that next fundraising push, pitch your next dream client, enter a new market, or launch your next big thing — there’s no room for an ordinary marketing strategy and no time to waste.

And it’s oh so easy to get in your own way with all those shoulds and what-ifs.

So sit back and let us help you sail right out of the fog with clarity and power with a marketing strategy that works.

Brand evolution doesn’t have to take centuries.

WIth a traditional agency, the messaging and marketing strategy process can take six weeks or longer. There are other clients and projects to juggle, and the feedback and revision process slows the whole thing down even more.

We think the best results happen when those creative juices can flow for hours at a time — not in 30-minute bursts.

Fortified Branding’s VIP Day pulls back the velvet rope and lets you sashay straight into that exclusive club of trailblazers and mold breakers.

You’ll have your evolved messaging and a marketing strategy blueprint in your hands within 8 hours and can put it to work in hour 9. (Go ahead, vogue.)

How VIP Day works: a timeline

Spoiler alert: There’s a bit of pre- and post- involved in this process, but all the really good stuff happens on VIP Day.

Best suited for teams less than 2 team members. If you have 3+, you are perfect candidates for a VIP Weekend. Let’s discuss more when you book a VIP Fit Discovery Call.

Securing your spot (today):

Put down your deposit and claim your date. Get excited.

VIP Snapshot Assessment (-2 weeks):

This is your heaviest lift — about 2 hours of your time documenting insights that already live in your heart and brain. Your pre-intensive homework gives us a head start on slaying your VIP Day.

Kickoff call (-1 week):

We’ll spend up to 2 hours reviewing your assessment, going over questions (yours and ours!), and setting expectations for intensive day.

VIP Day:
The Fortified team is on the job for up to eight hours on the day of your intensive. You should be available via text or Voxer to offer feedback on the fly while we work.
End of day debrief:
We’ll talk through the day from our end and reveal your finished assets — and make last-minute changes, edits, and corrections before we deliver them.
Post–VIP Day check-in (+2 weeks):

We want to celebrate everything you’ve already accomplished with your evolved marketing strategy plan in hand. (And troubleshoot if anything’s gone awry!)

Ongoing support (+30 days):
Keep in touch via text, Voxer, or email to ask questions about what we’ve delivered and make sure it keeps serving your brand going forward.

The finished product

While you’re spending your VIP day doing what you do best, we only have eyes for you. We’ll be creating…

Brand messaging guide

– Your brand archetype
– Your brand narrative
– An elevator pitch
– Digital tagline
– Key calls to action
– Brand voice and tone scale

Homepage hero

Copy that draws them in: clearly explain what you do and encourage conversions in a blink

Marketing blueprint

Your implementation plan and marketing strategy checklist so you don’t miss a thing

Content pillar roadmap

Social media examples to help you can hit the ground running


Branding is supposed to tell people who our company is to them, but working with you helped us understand who we are to ourselves.

Wendee Lee Curtis


With my new CBD company, SierraKind, about to join a crowded marketplace, I invested in The VIP experience offered by Fortified Branding. Beth teased out our ethos setting us apart from competitors. The cohesive messaging package she orchestrated allowed me to immediately build relationships, elevate my fledgling company, and alleviate the stress that comes with the details of marketing, allowing me to focus on the rest of running my company.


CEO, SierraKind

I struggled for the longest time trying to capture the true essence of my brand. Fortified Branding’s work has brought about newfound clarity and confidence, and I now know exactly what my brand does for my people.

Jordan Richter

CEO, Tarife Attar

We hired Fortified Branding to redo our branding after a merger. We could not have landed in a more exceptional place of clarity, magic, and differentiation. Through this creative process, we created a unique voice that will make an incredible difference in the marketplace and showcase our value to current and future clients alike.

Aurora Archer

CEO, The Opt-In

Just imagine.

You’ve put your evolved marketing strategy plan into action, and now…

  • Your team knows what’s up with your messaging and shares it with a unified voice.
  • Your website is hustling to attract your ideal customers while you sleep.
  • Your marketing strategy makes your customer the hero, and they’re clamoring to work with you.
  • Hitting your revenue goals is child’s play because everything just…works.
  • You’re busting through growth barriers like it’s nobody’s business.

And you wonder how you ever settled for playing small ball. You’re major league, baby.

Beth Carr - Marketing Strategy Planner

Hey, VIP.

I’m Beth Carr, Founder and CEO of Fortified Branding, a brand and marketing strategy firm.

I spent years in the world of corporate branding, and I’ve experienced the frustration of trying to be someone else in hopes of getting ahead in the business world — especially when you discover it’s not actually getting you that far.

And after learning how to sail my own way out of the sea of sameness, I started Fortified Branding to help badass brands navigate those murky waters.

We believe you and your brand deserve to shine unapologetically and make a difference with your mission, vision, values, and everything you offer.

We can’t wait to give you the VIP treatment and put your brand first for the entire day. The world shouldn’t have to wait another day to experience your brand’s brilliance.

Is VIP Day for you?

VIP Day is not for:

– Budget and corner cutters
– Startups without a proven product
– People who can’t (or won’t) make time to put in the work


But it is for you if you..

– Are scaling quickly
– Need to be recession-proof in a fast-changing world
– Aren’t okay with missing out on opportunities
– Understand that words are how we win hearts and minds
– Know how critical messaging and marketing strategy are to business growth
– Can’t wait to begin their brand’s evolution


What’s it gonna be?


Be the brand they crave.

The corporate world demands sameness — but your brand was born to break the mold.

In less than 48 hours, we’ll deliver powerful brand messaging and marketing strategies to make your voice heard over the herd.

Your VIP Day sets you up with an evolved brand and marketing that connects you with customers craving what you offer.

Is VIP Day for you?

Q: Why is it called a VIP Day?

A: We call it a VIP Day because the Fortified Team is focused completely on YOU! We give you all our creative energy during your VIP Day.

Q: Okay, how do you do this so fast?

A: This ain’t our first spin around the dance floor! Our founder, Beth Carr, is a seasoned StoryBrand Certified Guide and has 17+ years of experience in the corporate branding world.

Q: What do I get at the end of this?

A: You’ll receive a brand messaging guide and marketing strategy blueprint, an implementation plan and strategy checklist, a “hero statement” for the top of your homepage, and a content pillar roadmap that includes social media examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Q: How much do I need to be involved?

A: There are just a few touchpoints:

  • Pre-intensive client homework (about 2 hours)
  • 90-minute to 2-hour kickoff call
  • Be available via text or Voxer throughout your VIP Day
  • Short midday check-in
  • 1-hour end-of-day follow-up and debrief
Q: How much does Fortified Branding’s VIP Day cost?

A: The full intensive experience is $12,000 (2x payments of $6000.) * We believe in centering equitable access of key tools, content, and brand strategy foundations across emerging minority-owned, women-owned, LGBTQIA+-owned or BIPOC-owned organizations. We apply a $5,000 credit toward your VIP day — bringing your investment to $10,000 (2x payments of $5000.)

Q: Where can I access what you create for me during our VIP Day?
A: We create a private Asana portal where we deliver and store all your VIP Day assets.
Q: How can I get in touch with you before, during, and after my VIP Day?
A: The Fortified Branding team is at your fingertips via email and Voxer throughout this process.
Q: What the heck is Voxer?
A: Glad you asked! Voxer’s like a walkie-talkie for business — it’s an app that lets you send and receive quick voice messages and communicate with your team in real time (without the formality of a phone call). We love to use this tool for check-ins and clarity before, during, and after a VIP Day.
Q: What happens after my VIP Day?
A: We’ll schedule a post-experience check-in with you after two weeks to find out how everything’s working for you. You’ll also get 30 days of post-intensive support (via Voxer, text, and email) to ask questions, get further clarification, and request minor changes.
Q: What’s your cancellation policy?
A: No cancellations after you’ve booked, unfortunately. BUT! If you notify us within 7 business days of your originally scheduled session, we can reschedule your VIP Day for another date.
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